Ebony Arrington Dance and Performance presents:

Dance Motif 2017: Family Values

May 21, 2017 at 5:30pm

Virginia Samford Theatre at Caldwell Park

(1116 26th Street SouthBirmingham, AL 35205)


Recital Tickets

Each student receives 4 complimentary tickets to the recital (Families with 2 or more students receive 6 tickets). Ticket Presaleswill run May 1oth – May 15th at a discounted rate of $8. These tickets will only be available to current students with zero ($0) account balances. General ticket sales will begin on May 16th for $10..


Rehearsal Day - Saturday May 20th

  • 11:30am – Company / Ballet 

  • 12:30pm – Hip Hop (ALL Classes)

  • 1:00pm – Topaz Trio

  • 1:30pm – Garnet


Rehearsal Instructions:

  • Each class will practice on stage for about 15 minutes to ensure spacing and proper placement. Once each individual class has practiced, we will do a quick show run through. Once we begin the full show run, students will be allowed to leave once their number is complete. We anticipate that the show run through will begin at 1:30 and dancers will be free to leave by 3:00 (Company and Ballet Students should be prepared to stay as late as 5:00pm)  

  • The onstage rehearsal is not a dress rehearsal. Your child should wear class attire and their appropriate dance shoes for each number.

  • Upon checking in at the Theatre at rehearsal, students will receive wristbands that will need to be worn during rehearsal and on recital day (do not remove after rehearsal). Only those students with the wristband will be admitted into the backstage area on rehearsal and recital day. There will also be one backstage pass included for a parent.


Recital Day -  Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 5:30pm (4:45pm call time)

Your Performance will be held on Sunday, May 21st , 5:30pm at the Virginia Samford Theatre at Caldwell Park

  • Students should arrive fully dressed and in makeup 45 minutes before the show starts (4:45).

  • Students’ hair & accessories should be exactly like picture day, unless otherwise instructed.

  • Each class will have an assigned dressing area.  We need at least 2 moms per class to serve as dressing area monitors. If you’d like assist with this, please inform your child’s instructor.

  • There may not be more than one parent/guardian per child backstage.  No fathers are allowed in the dressing area.

* Please be reminded that ALL tuition and other fees should be paid at this time and account balances should be at $0. Any accounts that are not cleared prior to rehearsal will incur a $25 convenience fee. {CASH, CREDIT CARDS or MONEY ORDERS ONLY!} It is our goal to have ALL accounts clear and take no payments at the Theatre. Help us achieve this goal by ensuring your account is at a $0 balance today!

Please direct questions to the EADP office at 925-JAZZ (5299), 833-7717 or eadpofficeadmin@gmail.com